Suman Rai

IT Professional From Nepal


During my career, I had opportunities  to work in couple of companies as Web Designer. Following works represents my Professional Portfolio of my graphic design and web design (some of website also designed by working as freelancer web designer. Please note that some of website may not open due to expired web hosting services).

9964careeroption.jpgcareeroption 9210gloriousnepaltreks.jpggloriousnepaltreks 8971furniturenepal.jpgfurniturenepal 7905ggh.jpgggh 6992dikiarchery.jpgdikiarchery 6118thimiceramics.jpgthimiceramics 5872dharandarpan.jpgdharandarpan 5623unisearch.jpgunisearch 5573panorama.jpgpanorama 5105naaer.jpgnaaer 4577duniyakart.jpgduniyakart 4427ksaa.jpgksaa 3222rajesh.jpgrajesh 1848spcc.jpgspcc 1459sacredspace.jpgsacredspace

Cancer Council

Cancer Council

Kriti Capital

Kriti Capital

invitation prosper-cd-inside prosper cdinside


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