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How to permanently remove !My Picture Shortcut Virus from Windows 7

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I have faced several complains, request from my client that their Windows PC has been attacked by Virus, they have used Antivirus Software to remove virus but still computer and external storage devices infected by virus etc. etc. Even, myself I have tried several tools to remove !My Picture shortcut virus but after cleaning the virus it was appearing again and again. Finally, I have found a solution and successes to remove !My Picture shortcut virus from several Windows PCs.  !My Picture virus especially attacks on Windows PC basically to Windows 7 O/S installed PCs.

windows 7 shortcut virus

In this article I am providing step by step tutorial to remove !My Picture shortcut virus. You can follow below steps to remove !My Picture Shortcut virus.

There are couple of things you have to make sure that are available with you, they are:

  1. You must have Administrator Privileged of computer which you will use for login.
  2. You have to download Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft Download Center (Here is download link:

After that, follow the steps below.

Restart You PC in SAFE MODE

Restart Your PC in SAFE mode.

Restart Your PC in SAFE mode.

Now, use your administrator username and password to login Windows PC and Open Command Prompt application as administrator mode.

start command as administrator

Now type, the following command c:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*. Remember that you have to specify your correct USB or External HDD drive here ‘g:’ is USB drive.

use attrib command


Now all your hidden Files/Folder will be visible as well as Shortcut Folder / Files (Actually those are .exe files converted from folders by virus). Remove all the shortcut and .ini files.

After that it’s time to scan your computer. Run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool in Administrator mode (run as Administrator) and Full Scan your computer.

Malicious Software Remover

Malicious Software Remover

When it’s complete, restart your computer. If you complete these process correctly your all virus will be removed from USB/External Drive and even from computer also. But don’t forget keep plugin the external drives while scanning computer.

I hope that you will enjoy this post, if you have any comment please use below form to send feedback.




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